Today we present you a quiet place where you can enjoy good views, good gastronomy and many meters to travel on your scooter. We visit the Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, belonging to Fuengirola. Our route begins in the Castle parking lot, where an adapted taxi has dropped us off with our scooter. We arrive at the promenade along Calle Tartesio and start a 6.8km long walk. We will use a mid-size scooter model I-LUNA. With its approximate autonomy of 16km it will be enough for us. We will do the route in two parts, with a stop for lunch. The route can be done in just over an hour but our intention is to enjoy the surroundings and the views. In the case of doing the route in both directions, I recommend an advanced scooter model type called Confort

Castillo de Fuengirola

500 meters from the beginning we find the bridge of the Spanish Armada, a pedestrian bridge that offers us views of the Fuengirola river worthy of the first photo of the day. The river is adapted for pedestrians, where multiple activities can be carried out, as well as being a meeting place for multiple events-

We continue and leave the port of Fuengirola on our right, where the lights of the famous “Carricoches” illuminate the promenade. Throughout the tour we see monuments of urban art; like the monument to the Fishermen at the entrance to the port, or the monument to the Fish, both by Andrés López Yebra;

The Mediterranean monument by Luis Reyes, where the figure of a woman with her gaze to the sky, symbolizes the strength of the Mediterranean-


Monumento al mediterráneo

The monument of the Peseta (shown in the image) in the area of ​​Los Boliches, where José Gómez Guerrero paid tribute to our ancient currency.


The monument to the Tourist or the fountain to the nations among others-


The route ends at the quiet Carvajal beach, where we enjoy a pleasant meal in one of the beach bars in the area.

Being a route without unevenness and having carried an average speed, we have plenty of battery even to be able to return with our I-LUNA-

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