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Walking boot with rigid side panels to immobilize and stabilize the lower third of the leg, ankle and foot.
The device is only intended for the treatment of the listed indications and for patients whose measurements correspond to the size chart.

Principle of action:

Immobilizes and stabilizes the lower third of the leg, ankle and foot at 90 °.
Rigid panels on both sides.
Designed to ensure minimal dorsiflexion of the metatarsal bone.
Curved, non-slip sole that offers patients a natural and comfortable walking movement.
Ambidextrous product.


Postoperative or post-traumatic immobilization of the ankle / foot.
Severe ankle / foot sprain.
Stable fracture of the lower third of the leg (long version).
Conservative treatment of ankle / foot fracture.
Severe ankle-foot tendinopathy.
Conservative treatment of Achilles tendon rupture.


Do not use the product if the diagnosis has not been confirmed.
Do not apply the product in direct contact with injured skin.
Do not use in case of known allergy to any of the components
Do not use in case of unstable fractures or fractures of the upper part of the tibia or fibula
Do not use for patients who weigh > 113 kg. History of venous or lymphatic disorders.

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