Advance leg pressuretherapy set

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236,00 Iva incl.


Dimensions (length x width x height) 24 x 13 x 10 cm. // weight 1.5 kg
Power 230V, 50Hz
Pressure 30 – 80 mmHg
Air outlet 5 liters / min
Cycle duration 3/6 min
Routes of entry / exit 3
Pressure levels 8 (adjustable)
Fire retardant ABS material


Dimensions length 83cm, upper contour 70cm, foot contour 31.5cm // Weight 940 gr
Routes of entry / exit 3
Material Nylon PU

Household pressotherapy equipment for, very easy to use. For tired legs, mild circulation problems, varicose veins, inflammatory processes ... Non-invasive technique that seeks to improve lymphatic drainage with alternating upward pressure. Compressor advance is intended for domestic use. Can be used with arm cuff or leg cuff.

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You can download the USE MANUAL by clicking on this link: Manual Advance

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